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How Much Compensation for Housing Disrepair?

We know it can be daunting having to deal with a multitude of problems in your home.

If you’re renting from a public landlord who are ignoring disrepair in your home, you may be able to claim compensation.

With problems like disrepair, it’s important to know if you can make a claim, and to have an idea how much compensation you could be owed.

This calculator should help with that. Just enter a few details here to get an estimate of what your housing disrepair claim is worth.

A solicitor may even be able to add further value to your claim by pointing out things you could claim for that you hadn’t thought about.

On top of that, the Homes Act could have an effect on what you can claim for as well. For example, your home should be:

  • Free of damp and mould
  • Not too hot or too cold to live in
  • Has adequate natural light
  • Secure against unauthorised entry
  • Clean, sanitary, and hygienic
  • Safe to live in without risk of falls

What Determines Your Claim Value?

This calculator takes into account a few key things. Most importantly, your claim value will be based on:

  • The rent you pay
  • How severe the disrepair is
  • How long there has been disrepair

These form the basic value of your claim. But, there are a range of factors that should be taken into account

A solicitor will be able to assess your situation to take into account extra factors, such as:

  • The types of disrepair
  • Type of landlord/property
  • Whether you have rent arrears

If you’d like to chat about what you can claim for and how much you could be owed, you can call us on 01925 351 350.

So, please get in touch today to get started making a housing disrepair claim.

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How do you claim compensation from your landlord?

You can make a claim against your landlord for housing disrepair with help from a solicitor. An expert housing disrepair solicitor will be able to run an effective claim against your landlord to get the repairs your home needs done. And your solicitor can maximise the compensation you are awarded for living with the disrepair, typically on a no win no fee basis.

Call us on 01925 351 350 to speak to an expert now and get started with your own housing disrepair claim.

How much is a claim for housing disrepair worth?

How much compensation you can recover depends on how bad the disrepair is, how long you have had the disrepair issues for, and how much rent you pay. In most cases you can recover at least £1,000, and some of the more serious issues can be worth over £10,000. And, that’s on top of getting repairs done in the property.

How long does a housing disrepair claim take?

There is no fixed length of time for how long a disrepair claim will take. The length of the claim can range from a few months, to a few years in particularly complex cases. But, most claims are concluded in 6-18 months, depending on how cooperative the landlord and their solicitors are.

How long do landlords have to fix problems?

Once you’ve notified your landlords of disrepair in your property, you should allow them “reasonable time” to fix them.

What is considered reasonable will depend on the extent of the disrepair. For example, a broken boiler that leaves you with no hot water is much more urgent and should be fixed within a few days, but a damp patch might reasonably be fixed in a few weeks.

In most cases, we recommend allowing 6-8 weeks for your landlord to fix the issues, unless urgent.

Can you claim for damp problems?

Your landlord must keep the structure of your home in good repair, including making sure that the structure of the building is not rotten with damp. If your landlord is neglecting their responsibilities, you can probably make a claim.

However, this doesn’t include damp problems cause by a tenant, as is often the case with condensation damp.

* This tool provides an estimate of compensation in a housing disrepair claim or unfitness for human habitation claim (Homes Act). This is not necessarily the amount of compensation you will be awarded. Actual compensation may be higher or lower as each case is different, and some cases may settle for a different amount before reaching trial.

For a more accurate and detailed estimation of how much compensation you could be owed, please get in touch to speak with an expert about the details of your case.