Price & Costs Guides for Chris Rudd Solicitors

Our Fixed Fees

We offer both fixed fee and no win no fee agreements within our broad range of services. To get an idea of our fixed prices, please select the service you are interested in below.

We will add more pricing guides to this page as time goes on. And, we may update or amend these prices from time to time.

To find out more about your options for making payment, please go to our Easy Ways To Pay page.

Private Client (Including Wills, Probate, and Powers of Attorney)

Wills Price List

Basic Will – £150+VAT

Basic Mirror Wills – £250+VAT

Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA)

For a single person:

One LPA – £350+VAT + OPG fees

Two LPAs – £595+VAT + OPG fees

Fo a couple:

2x Mirror LPAs – £595+VAT + OPG fees

4x Mirror LPAs – £1095+VAT + OPG fees


Grant of Probate only – £495+VAT


Probate Registry Fee £155.00

Additional Court Sealed Copies – 50p (or £10 for first copy after grant has been issued)

Oath Fee: £7.00 per executor

Probate – Administrator of Estate

Hourly rates:

Hourly rates are based on the fee earner dealing with your probate matter. High value estates will usually be dealt with by a senior fee earner and for lower value estates the work will be shared with other experienced staff and our fees will usually be lower.

We will provide free initial advice and a fixed price quote, so please call us for a tailored quote.

Motoring Issues

If you’ve been faced with a motoring issue, such as a speeding ticket a charge of drink driving, we have 3 levels of service to help you. We have the Basic, Intermediate, and Special Service.

For more details about any of these service packages, please get in touch by calling 01925 351 350.

Basic Services

First of all, we can offer a FREE basic initial consultation. Here, we can give up to 15 minutes free, no obligation advice.

Beyond that, we offer a detailed initial consultation for a further 30 minutes, on top of the basic consultation. With this, one of our specialist solicitors we can go over particular details of your case and, if needed, review documents you have been served with. We can also advise on how to response to those documents. This level is available for £100+VAT.

Intermediate Services

Our intermediate services have a few steps to them, with separated charges to help you understand what exactly you’re paying for.

We offer initial advice and remote assistance (telephone and written submission), but without representation at court. This includes the details initial consultation above, plus written representations and written mitigation.

With written representations we will work to discourage the police from issuing court proceedings.

Witten mitigation, if needed, includes a full statement from you which we will analyse alongside other evidence. Then, we will mitigate on your half to tray and dissuade the court from imposing a ban.

Sometime, it is possible to avoid your motoring offence going to court. This can be done with written representation as we offer at this level of service. Or, as an alternative to attending court we may be able to write a detailed letter in mitigation to the court. This letter could, for example, argue Special Reasons or Exceptional Hardship.

The cost of this service is £400+VAT and includes:

  • Initial consultation and advice
  • Review of documents served and providing advice
  • Further consultation and written mitigation

This service does not include:

  • Attendence at court
  • Third party/expert fees
  • Inquiries of witnesses

Special Services

Our special services include initial advice, any required written submissions, and representation at court. There are 4 options, depending on your circumstance and how you wish to proceed.

Guitly Plea: £900 – £1,500 + VAT (1-3 Offences)

If you admit to committing a motoring offence, your best option might be pleading guilty and putting forward a strong plea mitigation to minimise your penalty.

Not Guilty Plea: £1,200 – £2,500 + VAT (1 Offence)

If you decide to enter a plead of not guilty, rather than guilty, we can work with you to prepare a thorough case. This includes further advice in addition to initial consultations and reviews. And, we will represent you at the trial.

Special Reasons Argument: £1,200 – £2,500 + VAT

Though you might accept that you are guilty of a motoring offence, you might have reasons for avoiding a penalty. These are called a special reasons argument. 

Our expert solicitors can present a special reasons argument to the court, explaining why they should make an exception in your case to reduce your penalties based on your specific circumstances.

Application to Remove a Ban Early: £1,000 – £1,500 + VAT, and Court Fees

After being disqualified from driving, there are occasions when you can apply to have the ban lifted. But, you have to have been banned for at least two years. But, this is not an easy application so you will need help. We can completely prepare and list the application, as well as send an advocate to court with you.

Business Advice & Start-ups

We offer several stages of advice and support for when you are setting up your business. From help with your very first steps, through to ongoing support, we can help you.

Let’s Get Started

Get help and advice on how to constitute your business, company, or patnership. We can give advice on business names and ideas, accountants and bookkeeping, plus your VAT and tax obligations. And we can advise on raising finance and getting loans. This starter pack also includes construction of a simple, single page website for your business. This is available for £299+VAT.

Let’s Go Further

In addition to the above, on Let’s Go Further we can advise on drafting partnership or shareholder agreements, registering your company, and give basic employment advice. With this package, we can build a 4 page website to get you started online. This Let’s Go Further solution is available for £499+VAT.

Let’s Talk Specifics

With Let’s Talk Specifics, we can also advice about other more complex issues, which are specific to your business. While this can include those described above, we can also offer advice on planning applications, licences to trade, your duties as a director or partner, and any duties specific to your trade. And, we can help with applications to trademark your logo and branding, as well as with drafting trade contracts and employments contracts specific to your business. In short, we can tailor this package to your specific needs and cut out whatever you don’t need. And, we can discuss building a website to suit your business’ needs. For more details on this package, please get in touch.

In addition to these three packages, we can also introduce you to experienced and respected professionals to give you financial and accounting advice, as well as help with loans and banking. And we can connect you to other professionals such as property agents, landlords, and surveyors.

Also, if you take one of the above packs you are entitled to become a member of our Business Helpline with a 10% discount. Our Business Helpline can give advice about day-to-day problems, unpaid debts, business disputes, and more. Again, to find out more about this service please get in touch.


Family Law

The first 15 minutes of our advice is completely free, for any family law matter.

We can assess your case and provide initial advice, help you assess your options, and help you understand the law relevant to your situation. If you need guidance at any point in your case, we can help.

Our expertise includes:

  • Marriage breakdown, divorce, or dissolution of a civil partnership
  • Breakup of the non-married family and rights of a cohabitee
  • Legal separation
  • Matrimonial finances and fair division of assets
  • Divisions of jointly owned property for unmarried couples
  • Contact and residence arrangements for children
  • Parental responsibility
  • Domestic violence: injunctions and occupation orders
  • Forcing the sale of a property
  • Drafting your new Will after divorce

Step 1 – Get Advice on Your Family Issue

We will give you initial advice on your issue, your options, and any relevant law and procedure. This includes one letter to the other party and sending any response to you. £175 + VAT.

Step 2 – Taking Things Further

This is where you’ve had advice from step 1 but need to take further action. Whether your both agree or not, we can help and advise you.

You Have Agreed Things Together

You may have reached an agreement together, but there may be steps you should still take. That way, you can formally record what you’ve agreed.

We can draft the following documents:

  • A consent order for matrimonial finances – £180 + VAT
  • Separation agreements – £180 + VAT
  • Prenuptial agreements – £180 + VAT
  • Severance of a joint tenancy – £180 + VAT
  • Cohabitation agreements – £180 + VAT
  • Your new Will after divorce – £180 + VAT
  • Change of name deeds – £80 + VAT

We can also safely store your original documents for an annual fee of £25+VAT (single document), or £35+VAT (two documents).

More Complex Agreements

We can act for you in undefended divorce proceedings to decree absolute.

  • As petitioner – £450 + VAT, plus court fee of £550.
  • As respondent – £350 + VAT

Other court fees may arise as additional costs.

Matrimonial Finances

We can deal with your matrimonial finances by agreement with the other party up to receipt of a sealed court order:

  • As petitioner – £500 + VAT, plus £100 court fee
  • As respondent – £300 + VAT

When You Don’t Agree

Dealing with Matrimonial Finances

This includes gathering your financial information, completion of your financial statement, and considering the other party’s documents. As applicant, this includes drafting your court application and all steps up to but not including attendance at the First Directions Hearing.

  • As petitionary application – £1500 + VAT, plus £255 court fee
  • As respondent – £100 plus VAT

Arrangements for Children

This includes all steps up to but not including attendance at court at the first court appointment. But, this does include drafting of the court papers for a Section 8 application. This does not include additional applications. £750 + VAT, plus £215 court fee. 

Step 3 – Taking the Action to Court

We will represent you in all steps from the first court appointment until the conclusion of court proceedings for:

Matrimonial Finances

  • As application – £1200 + VAT
  • As respondent – £1200 + VAT

Applications to Court for Children (Any S.8 Application)

  1. For a child arrangements order – £1500 + VAT
  2. Prohibited steps order – £150 + VAT, in addition to (a)
  3. Specific issue order – £150 + VAT, in addition to (a) and (b)

Property Disputes

Price on asking by quote. This depends on complexity of the case.

Domestic Violence

We will represent you in an application for a non-molestation order and/or an occupation order. £1000 + VAT (no court fee is payable). This does not include additional applications.

Terms and conditions apply: All prices are approximate and do not include interim or extra hearings. Additional disbursements may be payable where necessary. This list is not exhaustive and is a guideline only. The actual price for each case will depend on the facts and we reserve the right to amend pricing where appropriate.

Disputes (Including Small Claims)

We have two low cost options to get you started:

  1. Free initial call and guidance – 15 minutes only, where we give you a brief outline of what we can do for you
  2. Let’s Get Started (£110 + VAT) – We will try to give you an overview of your case and advise you what to do in your particular case. And, if there is enough time, we will send a letter to your opponent.

So, if you want to get started please call 01925 351 350. And, we can take payment over the phone.

Once we have been able to assess your case we can then decide whether you ought to go ahead with your case and how it should be funded. The options are set out below:

No Win No Fee

If your claim is an exceptionally strong one with very good evidence we may consider doing it on a no win no fee basis once our initial investigations are completed.

No Win Lower Fee

If your case is a good one and we think that you are likely to win, we may do it on a no-win LOWER fee.

This option allows you to run your claim by making payments at a much lower rate (less than half our normal price). We charge only £110 per hour for our work initially, but we require interim payments in advance before each stage of the work is completed and a higher rate is charged if there is a successful outcome.

Please see below for a schedule of payments on account which are representative of what might be charged on a simple and straightforward case on a no win lower fee basis.

Pay By The Hour (Our Standard Hourly Rates)

For Disputes of this nature we normally charge £250ph for solicitors or legal executives over 8 yrs experience; £200 for other solicitors and legal executives, plus staff with over 5 years legal experience, and £175 for all other lawyers who work on your case.

However, we may be prepared to negotiate lower fees in appropriate cases.

Fixed Fees

We can arrange to do all or part of the work on a fixed fee by prior negotiation.


Payment for injunction applications will quoted on a case by case basis.

Payments on account we will require in No Win Lower Fee cases:

Small claims track interim payments: If the overall value of the claim is less than £10k, although there are some exceptions, it will usually be on the small claims track. This is track is designed to be very fast, and more informal, to reflect the lower value of the claims. You will probably not recover more than a small part of your legal fees if you win. But we keep our fees low to account for this; and on the plus side you will not have to pay any more than a small part of your opponent’s legal fees if you lose.
Value of ClaimA – Initial Call (basic guidance and explain your options)B – Let’s Get Started (interview and investigation, may include 1 letter, limited to 1 hours work)C – Conduct of File (prior to issue of court proceedings)D – Issue Claim at Court; or Draft Defence (drafting documents and advise on all issues)E – Conduct Proceedings (1 witness statement, disclosure of your documents, 1 experts report)F – Trial (prepare all paperwork and instruct advocate – does not include advocacy)
Up to £4,99915 mins advice free£110£220 – 330£330 – 440£330 – 440£220 – 440
£5,000 to £9,99915 mins advice free£110£220 – 330£330 – 550£440 – 550£330 – 550
Fast Track Interim Payments: If the overall value of the claim is £10k to £25k it is usually classified as a fast track claim. This means that the claim is usually moved forward This means that your legal costs are usually recoverable if you win; but you may have to pay your opponent’s legal fees if you lose.
£10,000 to £17,50015 mins advice free£110£440 – 880£550 – 770£660 – 880£660 – 990
£17,500 to £25,00015 mins advice free£110£550 – 990£660 – 880£770 – 990£660 – 990
Muilti Track Interim Payments: If your case has an overall value of over £25k it will be classified as a Multi-track case. This means that the claim will usually require more preparation and trial time as it is a higher value and more serious claim. Your legal costs are usually recoverable if you win, but you may have to pay your opponent’s legal fees if you lose.

The fees outlined above are a guideline only and each case will depend on how much information, documentation and evidence has to be assimilated or prepared. There may also be additional fees or charges levied by other’s involved, such as the courts, barristers, expert witnesses, etc.

Please note that if the matter is referred to mediation there will be additional charges if you wish for us to attend the mediation hearing or to record, explain, and enforce any settlement which results from mediation.

In respect of ALL the types of funding discussed in this document:

  • All fees are PLUS VAT
  • All fees quoted are guidelines only and are subject to confirmation upon acceptance of instructions
  • We will charge extra for additional fees charged by other parties: Examples of additional Fees: Land registry fees, credit report on the other party; Expert report; Court Issue fee; counsel’s fees; court hearing fee; Advocate’s fee; Expert witness trial fee; witness attendance. These are called disbursements
  • Advocacy fees are NOT covered
  • Appearances at interim applications or hearings are not covered, and adjourned hearings are charged extra
  • We will charge for travel to hearings for time spent travelling and waiting
  • If the case is settled by negotiation we reserve the right to charge for negotiations, drafting of any settlement agreement and for concluding the claim and handling any money, plus the cost of winding up any court proceedings
No Win No Fee & No Win Low Fee

In some cases we can work on a no win no fee basis. So, you might not have to pay as many legal costs as you may have thought. Instead, we would be paid a success fee. You can read more in our post All About No Win No Fee.

Or, in other cases we might be able to work on a no win low fee basis. With this, if we lose your case you will only need to pay reduced legal costs.

To find out more about our no win no fee and no win low fee arrangements, please contact us on 01925 351 350.