Price & Costs Guides for Chris Rudd Solicitors

Our Fixed Fees

We offer both fixed fee and conditional fee arrangements within our broad range of services. To get an idea of our fixed prices, please select the service you are interested in below.

We will be adding more pricing guides to this page as time goes on. And, we may update or amend these prices from time to time.

To find out more about your options for making payment, please go to our Easy Ways To Pay page.

Private Client Work

Wills Price List

Basic Will – £150+VAT

Basic Mirror Wills – £200+VAT

We are curently doing a special offer of 50% off the price of a single basic Will and 25% off the price of basic Mirror Wills.

Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA)

For a single person:

One LPA – £350+VAT + OPG fees

Two LPAs – £595+VAT + OPG fees

Fo a couple:

2x Mirror LPAs – £595+VAT + OPG fees

4x Mirror LPAs – £1095+VAT + OPG fees


Grant of Probate only – £495+VAT


Probate Registry Fee £155.00

Additional Court Sealed Copies – 50p (or £10 for first copy after grant has been issued)

Oath Fee: £7.00 per executor

Probate – Administrator of Estate

Hourly rates:

Hourly rates are based on the fee earner dealing with your probate matter. High value estates will usually be dealt with by a senior fee earner and for lower value estates the work will be shared with other experienced staff and our fees will usually be lower.

We will provide free initial advice and a fixed price quote, so please call us for a tailored quote.

Small Claims

Small Claims

We can help with a range of small claims and various disputes. However, these are typically not taken on with a no win no fee arrangement. Instead, we use fixed fee prices dependent on the nature of your claim. For a guide on those fees, we have a small claims fixed fee costs guide.

Motoring Issues

More info coming soon…

Small Business Advice

We offer several stages of advice and support for when you are setting up your business. From help with your very first steps, through to ongoing support, we can help you.

Let’s Get Started

Get help and advice on how to constitute your business, company, or patnership. We can give advice on business names and ideas, accountants and bookkeeping, plus your VAT and tax obligations. And we can advise on raising finance and getting loans. This is available for £299+VAT.

Let’s Go Further

In addition to the above, on Let’s Go Further we can advise on drafting partnership or shareholder agreements, registering your company, give basic employment advice, amd advise on commercial leases for business premises. This Let’s Go Further solution is available for £499+VAT.

Let’s Talk Specifics

With Let’s Talk Specifics, we can also advice about other more complex issues, which are specific to your business. While this can include those described above, we can also offer advice on planning applications, licences to trade, your duties as a director or partner, and any duties specific to your trade. And, we can help with applications to trademark your logo and branding, as well as with drafting trade contracts and employments contracts specific to your business. In short, we can tailor this package to your specific needs and cut out whatever you don’t need. For more details on this package, please get in touch.

In addition to these three packages, we can also introduce you to experienced and respected professionals to give you financial and accounting advice, as well as help with loans and banking. And we can connect you to other professionals such as property agents, landlords, and surveyors.

Also, if you take one of the above packs you are entitled to become a member of our Business Helpline with a 10% discount. Our Business Helpline can give advice about day-to-day problems, unpaid debts, business disputes, and more. Again, to find out more about this service please get in touch.


Family Law

More info coming soon…


Fo disputes (or civil litigation) we often work under a no win no fee arrangement, or another alternative to fixed fees. However, we cannot always work on a no win no fee basis, so there are some things to bear in mind.

  1. For certain very strong liability cases, where we are relatively sure we will win, we can most likely work on a no win no fee basis.
  2. For any cases where we consider we are likely to win, but we do not believe the outcome to be as certain as above, we can work on a no win lower fee basis. This means that if your case is lost, we would charge a reduced fee for our work.
  3. For cases which are of a high value or more complex, outside our normal claim types, or we are unsure about the likely outcome, we would work on an hourly rate and/or a fixed fee costs matrix.