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Warrington Solicitors Specialising In Housing Disrepair, Disputes, and No Win No Fee Claims

We can advise you on many different types of claim, and we are often able to work on a no win no fee basis. Please give us a call, or feel free to dop by our office for a chat.

Chris Rudd Solicitors

Specialists in Housing Disrepair Claims

We know trying to get your landlord to repair your house can be difficult at times. So, we have set out a simple guide to your rights as a tenant and how the law can help you get the repairs done, as well as compensation.

Chris Rudd Solicitors

Helping With a Range of Motoring Offences

We can assist with a range of motoring offences from totting up bans to speeding and dangerous driving. To learn more about how we can help, please click the button below.

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Housing Disrepair • Motoring Offences • Lasting Power of Attorney • No Win No Fee 

 baWe are a client-focused firm of solicitors based in Warrington with the aim for our clients to get the best possible outcome. At Chris Rudd Solicitors, our overarching goal is to help our clients with the issues that affect them the most. That could include bad housing, unemployment, personal injury and illness, ruined holidays, property disputes, and more.

With our range of legal services, we can take the stress out of these situations for you. You do not need to worry at all.

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Call Us For A Free Initial Chat

The first 15 minutes of our advice is completely free and we often operate on a no win no fee basis. So call now to find out how we can help you.

Call Us For A Free Initial Chat

The first 15 minutes of our advice is completely free and we often operate on a no win no fee basis. So call now to find out how we can help you.

What Chris Rudd Solicitors Do

How We Work As A Firm Of Solicitors

Most of our clients are working people. As such, our focus is on providing them with a superb service at an affordable price. Therefore, we do most of our work on a no win no fee basis.

On the occasions where we are unable to work on a no win no fee basis, there are other options. We can offer reduced rates or work on a fixed-fee basis in some situations. So, you will always know what the charges will be right from the start.

As no win no fee solicitors, we work to protect you when you make a claim. We want to make your claim as secure as possible. Whenever we can, we will set up your claim so that even if you are unsuccessful, you won’t be out of pocket any more than you absolutely need to.

Get In Touch With Chris Rudd Solicitors

Whenever you call us we will put you straight through to someone who can help you. We won’t keep you on hold listening to irritating music or corporate messages. And we won’t keep passing you from post to post. Instead, we will start talking to you right away. That way, we can start to help you as soon as possible.

The first 15 minutes of our advice is free, and most of our work is on a no win no fee basis. So why not get in touch? Call Chris Rudd Solicitors now on 01925 351 350 to find out exactly how we can help you.

Or, if you are based in Warrington, feel free to come to our office on Sankey Street for a chat.

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Housing Disrepair

If your property needs repair, you must tell your Landlord. But if they don’t do anything we can make them do the repairs and pay you compensation.

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Lasting Power of Attorney

We are specialists in establishing lasting power of attorney. As such, we can help you protect your loved ones and the decisions they may be unable to make effectively themselves.

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Motoring Offences

We can help with a range of motoring offences from speeding fines and totting up bans, to dangerous driving and driving without due care and attention.

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What Our Clients Say

Massive thank you to Chris Rudd solicitors. Fantastic service and very helpful throughout the whole process. Would definitely recommend!

Megan Ellams

Very efficient and prompt to reply to any emails or calls I made. Very professional service and would definitely recommend and use again…. Junior handled my case very well and I was very happy with the settlement I got.

John Woods

Great Company. We received regular updates regarding our claim and today I received my cheque. I would highly recommend this company.

Louise Proctor