We are here to help you with key housing and property issues, from an unprotected deposit to housing disrepair, and more. With extensive legal experience, you know your case is in good hands.

Coming From Extensive Legal Experience

After more than 25 years’ personal experience working in Law, our director, Chris Rudd, opened the firm with the aim to establish a new type of legal practice.

So, our firm’s ethos is built on openness and approachability. There is no complex legal jargon and no gate keepers stopping you from getting the help you need – just clear, friendly legal advice.

And, since opening, Chris Rudd has built a professional and very experienced team, here to help with what matters most to you. 

Meeting at Chris Rudd Solicitors
Working with our clients

Working With Our Clients

As we’ve mentioned, we won’t use complicated terms and we won’t try to confuse you with complex letters. We want you to feel that you can contact us any time and know that our response will be helpful and reassuring.

Our focus is to do our job well, so you get the results you want, and this is reflected in our core values.

Clients From Across the Country

We can offer our services across the whole of England and Wales – we can still help you and provide excellent service, even if we aren’t just around the corner. We want our legal advice to be accessible, wherever you are.

On top of that, because we’re based in the North, the rates we charge tend to be lower than solicitors from other areas such as London. So, you can get expert advice from us, without having to come into our office, and at a lower cost to you!

About Chris Rudd Solicitors

Our Core Values

Clear, Simple Legal Advice

We won’t use jargon and there will be no drawn out, convoluted conversations. Instead, we keep things simple, so you always understand exactly what’s happening and why. Let’s keep things straightforward whenever you contact us.

Easily Accessible Service

With our remote service, we can provide professional legal help across the country.

Plus, as we’re based in the North, the rates we charge tend to be lower than firms in other parts of the country.

The Best Possible Outcome

Throughout the entirety of your case, our aim is to get the best possible outcome for you. Whether that’s getting you compensation, getting repairs done, or something else – we always try to do what is best for you.


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