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We are national solicitors specialising in housing and property, employment, data protection, and more. Read more about our business below, or call us on 01925 351 350 to see how we can help you.

Origins of Our Business

Chris Rudd Solicitors first opened in 2015 with the aim to establish a new type of legal practice. We wanted this firm’s ethos to be built on openness and approachability. No legal jargon and no dark and dismal offices – just clear, friendly legal advice.

In 2019, we moved our head office into the centre of Warrington. And, we wanted our new offices to reflect our ethos. So, there are no frosted windows, no brass plaques, and no dark oak panelled walls. You just see our team hard at work.

Our Philosophy

Because we believe in being open and approachable, we want as few barriers as possible between you and ourselves. You are always welcome to pop in or call for legal help. And, your first chat will be informal, with the first 15 minutes completely free.

We want you to be able to communicate in a way that suits you best. So, we can discuss your situation over phone, emails, or other digital channels. Because of this, we can work remotely and are proud to represent clients across the whole country, including locations such as London, Cornwall, and Newcastle.

About Chris Rudd Solicitors, No Win No Fee Claims Solicitors

Speak to an Expert Now

Get an initial assessment completely free. And, we often operate on a no win no fee basis. So, call now to find out how we can help you.

Aims for Our Clients

If you come on board as a new client, we won’t try to impress or confuse you with legal jargon. We won’t send you complex letters you don’t understand, either. Instead, we keep to a few key aims for all our clients to ensure you get the best service possible from Chris Rudd Solicitors.

We want you to feel that you can contact us any time and that our response will be helpful and reassuring. Our focus is to do our job well and to get you the results you want. So, please feel free to let us know if you feel that we have not met our own high standards.

We keep things simple and clear for you

We won’t use complex legal jargon to try to impress or confuse you. Instead, our focus is on keeping things simple and straightforward, so you always understand exactly what’s happening and why.

We are always ready by phone and email

We are always ready to answer your questions by phone or by email. If you have something new and you need to let us know, or you want an update on the progress of your case, we’re here.

We offer easy ways to pay for our services

A lot of people are concerned that working with a solicitor will cost a fortune. So, where no win no fee and no win lower fee doesn’t apply, we offer clear pricing with simple payment plans and easy ways to pay for our services.

We aim to get the best possible outcome for you

Throughout the entirety of your case, our aim is to get the best possible outcome for you. Whether that’s getting you compensation, getting repairs done in your home, or something else – we always try to do what is best for you.

Supporting Our Communities and Charities

We are very interested in supporting our local community and in promoting the right to education. So, we sponsor the following causes.

Friends of Meadowside

Friends of Meadowside are a group of local people who are working to alleviate poverty and the affects of poverty in the Warrington area. They do this by running a food bank, fundraising for local schools, cooking value for money meals for those in need. We actively work with this organisation offering support and legal advice.

Joe Philbin

We have sponsored Warrington Wolves’ Joe Philbin for a few years now. We have seen him grow into one of the finest rugby league players in the country and to see him gain international honours. And, it was a pleasure to have him here for the launch of our new head office.


With the right education and support, our children can achieve anything. We have supported Heal for some years now, in their mission to help children in poverty get an education. Please have a look at the work they do and get in touch if you want to help them too.

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