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It can be difficult thinking about what will happen when we’re gone. That’s why creating a will is important – to make sure you know you family will be looked after and to know what will happen to your property.

Chris Rudd Solicitors understands how confusing it can be to get your affairs in order. So, we’re here to help.

On top of that, for every Will we provide during this crisis we will be providing a contribution to St Rocco’s Hospice to help them during this difficult time.

Why Do I Need A Will?

Most people know having a will in place helps you to look after your loved ones when you die. But, there are a few reasons for having a will you might not be aware of:

  • It makes it easier for friends and family to get your affairs sorted out
  • A will means unmarried partners can inherit from each other and ensures your children are cared for
  • You should have a will if you want to leave something to people who aren’t immediate family, such as a close friend or a charity
  • Nominate a suitable guardian for children under 16

Where Can I Get A Will?

We’re here to help you get your Will sorted properly. There is a range of things we can help you with regarding your Will, including:

  • Will drafting & storage
  • Probate of a Will
  • Disputing a Will or defending a dispute
  • Plus, we can help you create a Lasting Power of Attorney or a living will (advanced decision)

Pricing Plans

* all prices are exclusive of VAT

Single Basic Will


Leave property to immediate family

Make up to 2 bequests

Basic Mirror Will


Two similar simple wills

Both mirror the other

Usually for a couple

Complex Will

By Quote

For anything beyond a basic Will or Mirror Wills then the cost will depend on the size of the estate.