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As an individual, your personal data must be kept secure, and as a business you have a responsibility to keep your customer’s data secure. We can help you understand and navigate data protection and internet law.

Data Protection Breach Solicitors

Removing Negative Content & Reviews

Most businesses expect a few dissatisfied clients and bad reviews may arise from this.

Normally, this isn’t a major problem and can be address and resolved with the customer. However, sometimes businesses get reviews that are fake, spam, or make false and harmful statements.

Some negative reviews, or other content posted online, can be directly harmful to your business. If that content is in breach of the website’s own policies, or is defamatory about your business, you may be able to get the content or review taken down.

We can help you navigate website policies, make a request for content removal, or escalate a claim further if needed.

Data Breach Claims

Whenever you provide personal or sensitive data to a business, or some other organisation, you’re trusting them to keep your data safe and secure. You should be able to rest easy knowing that they will:

  • Only collect the data they need
  • Keep the data only for as long as necessary
  • Secure your data and prevent unauthorised access

Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. So, if your information has been shared publicly, accessed without your permission, or used without your knowledge, you may be able to make a claim.

We can help you claim compensation in excess of £2,000 for a data protection breach.

Read more about making a data breach claim.

GDPR & Data Protection Compliance

If you gather or handle an personal data in any way, you should make sure you’re compliant with current data protection regulation. You have a responsibility to store data safely and securely, otherwise you could be subject to claim for allowing a breach.

Some of your responsibilities include:

  • Only holding the data you need and for no longer than reasonably needed
  • Preventing any unauthorised access
  • Making sure relevant and accurate privacy notices are shared and easily found and understood
  • Relevant terms and conditions are easily found and understood

We can help you understand your responsibilities and offer advice on being compliant with current data protection regulation.

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Drafting Terms & Conditions

We can also help you with drafting terms and conditions. Sometimes called terms of service, your terms and conditions are vital for setting out how a business relationship or service will work. This is especially important to get right if you offer a service through your website.

Read more about drafting terms & conditions.

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