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As a tenant, you may be unsure what to expect when you start renting a new property. Or, you could be dealing with an issue in your longstanding home. Whatever your problem, we are here to help you.

We can help you make a claim against your landlord if you home isn’t fit to live in, or if you’ve been wrongfully evicted. Call us on 01925 351 350 to speak to a solicitor now or keep reading to find out more.

What You Should Expect of Your Landlord

Upon moving into a new property, there are a few things you should be able to expect. Of course, the property should be clean, tidy, and in good repair. Otherwise, it should not be available to new tenants.

Appliances in your new home should be working properly and be safe to use, and you should have instructions for them. All electrics should be safe and functional, too.

You landlord is also required to carry out a Right to Rent check on you. And, you plus any other tenants should also be provided with some key documents:

  • A copy of your tenancy agreement
  • A copy of the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and Gas Safety Certificate
  • The ‘How to Rent’ guide
  • An inventory of the property
  • Health and safety procedures
  • Your landlords contact details

Is Your Home Unfit to Live In?

Your landlord is responsible for keeping your home fit to live in and fixing disrepair. And, since 20th March 2020 the Homes Act is now in full effect to expand what you as a tenant can expect of your landlord.

As long as your own actions haven’t caused an issue, your landlord should make sure your home is:

  • Free of damp and mould
  • Not too hot or too cold to live in
  • Has adequate natural light
  • Secure against unauthorised entry
  • Clean, sanitary, and hygienic
  • Safe to live in without risk of falls

You can get an estimate of the compensation you could be owed by using our housing disrepair claim value calculator. This will take a few details about your situation and give you an idea of what your landlord might owe you.

To find out whether your home is fit to live in, please call us on 01925 351 350. We can discuss your living situation and advise whether you can make a claim against your landlord.

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Unlawful or Wrongful Evictions

Sometimes tenants breach their tenancy agreement, or the landlord has need for their property. So, they try to evict the tenant. Most landlords know and abide by the correct process for evicting a tenant and will only do so with a genuine reason. But, occasionally a landlord will wrongfully or unlawfully try to evict their tenants.

An illegal eviction could be any case where the landlord (or any other person) does any of the following:

• Takes their property by force from the tenant

• Change the locks while the tenant is away

• Denies the tenant entry

• Depriving the tenant of access to what they are entitled to

If you believe you have been victim of an unlawful eviction, please call us. We can talk you through the situation and advise on the best course of action to take.

Get in Touch with Chris Rudd Solicitors

So, if you are a tenant who needs help making a claim against your landlord for disrepair or wrongful eviction, or something else, please call us on 01925 351 350.

We are here to advise on your case and the first 15 minutes of our advice in completely free. After that, we also pride ourselves on clear and simple pricing, so you know exactly what we charge. Take a look at our pricing page to find out more.

To get in touch, call 01925 351 350 or email us on [email protected].

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