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Make sure you are up to date on your companies policies regarding COVID-19 and what you should be doing. If you are an employer, you should be aware of the latest advice for coping with the virus – in particular the advice for working from home. If you’re unsure of your responsibilities as an employer or employee, please call us on 01925 351 350.

Voluntary & Involuntary Redundancy, and Unfair Dismissal

If your employer is looking to reduce their workforce, or believe that your role is no longer needed, they might select you for redundancy.

Your employer may ask you to agree to end your contract, which is a voluntary redundancy. Or, they may select your position specifically for redundancy, which is a fair redundancy if:

  • Your employer is moving place of business,
  • The business is closing down, or,
  • Job duties diminish or disappear

If your redundancy seems reasonable and fair, you will likely just need advice on your settlement agreement, which you can read about below. However, if you feel that your employer is not giving you a fair redundancy, whether that be because of discrimination or something else, then you may be able to claim for unfair dismissal.

Whether you were unfairly dismissed, or you are facing a claim from a former employee of yours, we can offer expert advice. And, we may be able to act on a no win no fee basis if you are bringing a claim for unfair dismissal.

Settlement Agreements

A settlement agreement, previously known as a compromise agreement, sets out agreed terms and conditions for ending your employment, or resolving a dispute.

Typically, this means that you, as the employee, will receive a payment in return for giving up your rights to bring a claim against your employer. These are also given as part of a redundancy package.

For a settlement agreement to be legally binding, you will need to get independent legal advice. That’s where we can help – we can make sure that what you’ve been offered is fair to you and your interests.

If you have your documents ready for us to review, and we can get started quickly, we may be able to offer you same-day service. We can usually work for what we are able to recover from your employer. And, we may be able to negotiate a better deal for you.

Call for help with redundancy and settlement agreements

Discrimination in the Workplace

You have a right to expect fair and respectful treatment in your workplace, regardless of age, sex, sexuality, race, or any other protected characteristics.

Mistreatment in the workplace is one of the most common forms of discrimination. If you’ve been overlooked for a promotion, are being harassed or bullied at work, or there’s something else concerning you, take a look at our discrimination disputes page. Or, call 01925 351 350 to discuss how we can help you.

Regulatory & Disciplinary Advice

If you are a professional or qualified person facing disciplinary action for breach or professional regulations, we can give expert advice. If you are a dentist or doctor, architect or surveyor, a nurse or paramedic, an accountant or quantity surveyor, or something else, we realise that it is extremely valuable to you and you worked hard to achieve your level of skill and knowledge. So, please call us on 01925 351 350 for advice and remember that the first 15 minutes is completely free.

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If you need advice about your employment contract, redundancy, or discrimination in the workplace, please get in touch now. For any other employment matter, we may still be able to help. Call us now on 01925 351 350.

Employment advice
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