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How Chris Rudd Solicitors Can Help You

A neighbour or property dispute occurs when two neighbours disagree over an issue. In the worst circumstances, this can result in harassment, threats and violence. If this is the case, you should call the police for support.

Less serious disagreements, though, can be resolved in several other ways. The simplest way is to talk to your neighbour and come to a resolution that works for both parties.

However, if this isn’t possible, you may benefit from speaking to a solicitor. An expert solicitor can advise you on your legal options and the best course of action.

What Could A Property or Neighbour Dispute Include?

There are many different types of disputes you could have with your neighbour:

  • High hedges or spite fences
  • Noise nuisances
  • Boundary disputes
  • Tree root damage, overhanging trees, and other garden issues
  • Parking and driveway issues
  • Shared facilities
  • Party wall issues
  • Pets and pests
  • Invasion of privacy
  • Abusive or anti-social behaviour

If you would like some advice about any of these issues, we can help you assess whether you have a viable claim. Please give us a call on 01925 351 350 if you think you might have a claim.

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Noise Nuisances

Noise nuisances or noise pollution claims are for when the level of noise created by a neighbouring property has a damaging effect on your day to day living.

To count as statutory nuisance, noise must:

  • Be unreasonably and substantially interfere with the use or enjoyment of a home or other premises
  • Injure health or be likely to injure health.

Put simply, if a noisy neighbour is preventing you from enjoying your home, or is harming you with the noise, you might be able to claim.

If you think you do have a noise nuisance claim, please call us at 01925 351 350. We can help you identify what you can claim for and how much compensation you are entitled to.

Tree Root Damage, Overhanging Trees, and Other Garden Issues

All tree owners are responsible for ensuring that their trees do not cause damage to neighbouring properties. They also have a duty to ensure that overhanging trees, or any other garden plants they are responsible for, do not stop someone from enjoying their property.

If your property has been damaged by growing tree roots, or gardening issues caused by a neighbour, you may be able to claim compensation.

If you think you might have a claim, we can help you get compensation for the damage caused. Please call us at 01925 351 350.

Abusive or Anti-Social Behaviour

Anti-social behaviour is a broad term which covers a wide range of behaviours including:

  • Threatening or intimidating actions
  • Racial or religious harassment 
  • Homophobic behaviour
  • Vandalising or graffiti
  • Animal Nuisance
  • Verbal abuse
  • Physical abuse

If you feel threatened or have been harmed by the actions of a neighbour, you should call the police. However, in cases where your neighbour’s harassment is not putting you in danger, you may wish to pursue legal action.

We can help you prevent future harassment from neighbours and claim compensation for any damages attributable to their actions.

Boundary Disputes

Aside from the types of disputes above, you might have issues with the boundary of your property. These can often occur when someone erects a fence or wall and you believe your neighbour shouldn’t be able to.

The first thing to know about boundary disputes is that unless the area of land is substantially valuable, the costs of running a claim can be disproportionate to the value of the land. This means that the best way to approach a boundary dispute is with the intention of finding a quick resolution in the best interest of all parties.

However, this might not always be possible. If you would like assistance resolving your boundary dispute, please call us on 01925 351 350.

How Chris Rudd Solicitors Can Help

We offer 15 minutes free initial advice, which helps us determine if we can help you. And, if you wish to take a claim forward, we can discuss what exactly we can do to help.

Plus, we can offer several simple payment options such as:

  • No win no fee or no win low fee (may depend on the nature of your case)
  • Monthly payments terms

We are based in the North, but we often work remotely so it isn’t a problem if you’re farther afield. What that does mean is that our rates are lower than other solicitors farther south.

For more details on payment options and easy ways to pay, please see our pricing page.

So, if you need some guidance please call us on 01925 351 350. Or, email us on [email protected].

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