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How Chris Rudd Solicitors Can Help You

Our solicitors specialise in dispute litigation. With our extensive experience, you can be sure your case is in safe hands with our expert team.

We can help you with a wide range of disputes, from consumer and building dispute to neighbour and boundary disputes. Whatever you issue, our staff are on hand to help.

Consumer Disputes

Consumer rights exist to protect you, the consumer, from poor services or goods sold to you. If you feel a product or service has let you down, there’s a chance your consumer rights have been breached.

If whoever sold to you has breached your consumer rights, you may be able to make a claim.

Property Disputes

Any dispute concerning a plot of land is a property dispute. That could be to do with buildings, boundaries, or certain neighbour disputes.

There are several things that could constitute a property dispute. Click the link in the title to learn more.

Neighbour Disputes

A neighbour dispute, often discussed alongside property disputes are simply arguments between neighbours. The dispute could be about noise complains, pets, parking issues, or even anti-social behaviour.

Take a look at our neighbour disputes page for more information.

Discrimination Disputes

We should all be able to expect fair treatment in life. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and sometimes people are treated differently because of who they are.

Japanese Knotweed

The problem of Japanese Knotweed is on the rise. The main culprits of these disputes tend to be large landowners who are neglecting to manage their estates effectively.

Because of the potentially very damaging nature of the plant, there are often grounds to make a claim for compensation from the landowner who let it spread.

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Disputes & Litigation
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