Small Claims Cost Guide

A Guide to the Cost of Running Your Small Claim

This matrix sets out the fixed fees we usually agree in a small claim. Your claim will be given an overall value as per the column on the left. We will then usually charge the staged payments set out next to the appropriate valuation.

The fees set out in the matrix give good value for the work done and, if the claim settles sooner, you will pay less. If your claim is unusual in nature or complex, however, we might have to amend the fees slightly. Once the fees are agreed they are fixed and may only be increased if you ask us to do extra or unusual work not covered by the agreement, but we would always discuss this with you in advance.

You can click here to download a Small Claims Cost Guide PDF, which is recommended on mobile.



Initial CallWe offer basic advice and guidance about your case.
& SetupInterview, File Set-up, Initial Advice. You would provide ID, sign a retainer, and provide instructions.
Start the ClaimSending a letter of claim and offering to settle. Instructing solicitors to do basic checks and preparations before advising you.
Serve Court ProceedingsDraft all papers needed, including claim form, simple particulars of claim, simple schedule of financial loss, and serve Court Proceedings.
Conduct Court ProceedingsOne (1) witness statement, list of documents created, complying with simple directions up to setting down.
The TrialIncludes further advice, a trial bundle, and simple prep work. Does NOT include advocacy.
Successful Conclusion (any stage)On successful conclusion of case at any stage we charge a fee for: handling the money, closing advice, enforcement advice, care and conduct, advising about the settlement, drafting settlement agreement, drafting bills at a premium hourly rate and we have calculated a fixed fee based on this principle.
(1) £0 to £2,999Up to 15 mins free advice£150£195£195£195£195£500
(2) £3,000 to £4,999Up to 15 mins free advice£150£235£250£250£250£700
(3) £5,000 to £6,999
(or more complex)
Up to 15 mins free advice£175£275£300£350£300£850
(4) £7,000 to £9,999
(or more complex)
Up to 15 mins free advice£195£275£350£450£375£995

All prices given here are exclusive of VAT. All charges made will subsequently be made for the amounts about plus the prevailing VAT rate.

By agreement, further disbursements may be required such as credit report fees, court issue fees, additional witness statements etc. But, you will be made aware of this before incurring additional costs and these costs will be recoverable.

(1) Payments are made in advance for stages 1 to 6. Payments at stage 7 are made from the compensation received following a case win. Payments can be made monthly on arrangement.

(2) This is an estimate of what your claim is worth, such as how much compensation you are owed.

Terms, Conditions, and More Information

VAT will be applied at the prevailing rate in addition to fees set out in the table.

If you win your case it is a contractual requirement that you instruct us to complete the work under stage 7. If you fail to do so we retain the right to deliver a final review of the case and the outcome, to transfer any relevant documents and to complete a final report and bill at the same fixed fee as is set out in stage 7.

A ‘Win’ is where: your claim for damages is finally decided in your favour, whether by a court decision, or an agreement to pay you damages, or in any way that you derive benefit from pursuing the claim.

Our fixed fees and any disbursements plus agreed additional fees for additional work are to be paid on account and in advance of the work to be done at the next stage; and we reserve the right to stop work if the agreed payment on account of future work to be done is not paid.

The fees you are required to pay us under this agreement are in addition to any legal fees we recover from the Defendant for our basic costs.

When legal fees are due, we must be paid promptly in order for us to continue your claim on your behalf. If we are not paid promptly and in advance of the next stage, we reserve the right to stop acting on your behalf.

If we begin running your claim, but you cancel or otherwise discontinue your claim, we reserve the right to deliver a bill to you for our costs including advice given and work we have carried out on your case up to that point.