You Can Still Make A Will While In Lockdown

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April 7, 2020

While in lockdown because of COVID-19, you may be thinking about making sure your family will be looked after if anything happens to you. One big thing you can do to be sure of that is writing a Will – or bringing it up to date.

Despite the lockdown, we can still help. The process will be a little different, but we can still draft your Will remotely. And, we can offer safe processes and advice for executing your Will.

Did you know that Wills execution solicitors are classed as key-workers in this crisis? We are still operating as we normally would for the most part but working remotely as much as possible.

Remote Drafting of Your Will

You can get your Will started without leaving your home as we can take initial instruction over the phone. From there, we may ask for a video call when we take the details we need to draft your Will. There are a couple of reasons for this, but the main ones are:

  • To help verify your identity
  • To check that you are not under undue influence about what you tell us
  • So you can put a face to the name of your solicitor without an in-person meeting

After we have the information and details we need, we’ll get started writing your Will. You might want to make a couple of changes or tweaks, but we can easily discuss that over the phone or by email.

Once you’re happy with the draft of your Will, we can move on to executing the Will.

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Execution of Your Will

Executing the Will is the tricky part while in lockdown. Normally, it is a legal requirement that the testator (the person who makes the Will) sign their Will in the presence of two witnesses. Those witnesses would also sign the document. That becomes difficult because of the social distancing and isolation requirements in effect in the UK.

There are a few options here for you. Firstly, we can do everything up to the signing remotely, and as long as we are totally satisfied that you have capacity to make the Will and that the Will expresses your true wishes and intentions without being unduly influenced by someone else, then it may be possible for you to execute the Will yourself. For instance, if you are in a care home or a nursing home then the Will could be witnessed by staff at the home under our instruction. Or if you live with other who are not beneficiaries under the Will, they could be witnesses.

However, executing a Will can be a complex process and certain requirements may be difficult to understand. So, we always recommend executing your Will with help and guidance from a solicitor.

Secondly, we can come out to you to witness the signing using several steps to greatly reduce the health risks and to continue practicing social distancing. For example, we can post the Will through your door and witness the signing through a window, guiding you through the process over the phone. And, we will always make sure we have done as much as we possibly can up to the signing to limit any contact to only what is absolutely necessary. We will send out an instructions sheet to explain the whole process in more detail before the meeting.

To find out more about how we can execute your Will, please get in touch below.

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Our prices haven’t changed during this crisis – we are still operating as effectively as we always have and are still providing the same high level of customer service.

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