Can I Make A Claim For Professional Negligence?

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July 8, 2019

Professional negligence is a case where a professional does not perform their task with reasonable care and skill. That includes clinical negligence, which is a claim for harm suffered when a health professional such as a doctor, nurse, dentist or cosmetic clinic performs negligently.

If professionals do not meet their duty of care, you may be entitled to compensation.

What Can I Claim For?

The term professional negligence covers a range of potential cases. We have already mentioned clinical negligence, but there are more. Have a look below at a few other types of negligence below.

Clinical or medical negligence – if someone in the medical field has caused you harm due to not meeting accepted standards, they have breached their duty of care. So, you may be entitled to compensation.

Legal negligence – unfortunately there are some legal practices that do not meet expected standards as Chris Rudd Solicitors do. If you’ve suffered due to legal professionals breaching a duty of care, you could be liable to claim.

Financial negligence – financial professionals are trained to work to the standards and regulations set by professional bodies. Similarly to most negligence cases, not upholding those standards is a breach of duty and basis for a claim.

Negligence in other industries – every professional sector will have certain standards that workers are expected meet. In any professional capacity, not meeting those expectations could be professional negligence. In fact, that would be the core of any claim against a professional for negligence.

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Still Have Questions?

So, here’s a brief overview of professional negligence claims. But, we understand you may still have questions.

If there is anything else you would like to ask, feel free to call us for up to 15 minutes free advice on 01925 351 350. Or, send us an email from our contact page.


  1. Alan Zelli

    Last august we were told that we would have roof repairs for 3 months, scaffolding went up for 7 months and blocked the windows and doors to the balcony, we complained of the health and safety issues but were totally ignored, all my emails were polite but still no response. In November last year he asked us to sign a contract and we would have a 12 month contract, we have had a nightmare 7 months and I asked for a rent review which was ignored, now he has served a section 21 straight after the scaffold came down 5 months before our contract is up. I’m sure it is an agitated eviction as I have complained too much and he wants to re let the property.
    It has been so stressful finding a place and we found one on the 24 th july , we notified him on the 9th july and he’s insisted we pay till the 24th august.
    Once served a section 21 and under pressure to leave I’m very unhappy with his treatment towards us.
    Do we have a case please, to seek compensation from the landlord.
    He also admitted that while the work was undertaken the flat would have been un lettable but he still took the full rent.

    Alan Zelli

    • Chris Rudd Solicitors

      It seems that you do have a right to compensation. But the position is complex, particularly as you are leaving the property soon. Please call us on 0345 350 3665 for a free initial chat, regards, Chris Rudd


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