Can I Make A Claim For A Neighbour Dispute?

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August 5, 2019

Unfortunately, disagreements with neighbours can arise from time to time. Often, these disagreements are relatively small and you can resolve them between yourselves easily. Yet, it can be stressful if a neighbour is not so understanding of your point of view, or they refuse to cooperate. In that case, a simple disagreement could escalate into a dispute. At that point, you may need to get the law involved to resolve the situation.

What Is A Neighbour Dispute?

There are several situations which take an ordinary, simple disagreement to a dispute. The sort of issues which can lead to disputes can include the following:

  • A noisy neighbour
  • An overhanging tree or other plants
  • Blocked access to land or parking disputes
  • Disputed boundaries
  • Neglected buildings which fall into disrepair
  • Invasion of privacy
  • Neighbour nuisances
  • Trespassing
  • Disputes over fencing
  • Disputes over lighting
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What Can You Do?

While you may need to take legal action through the courts eventually, there are a few things you should try.

  1. As we’ve already mentioned, you may be able to sort out any disagreements by talking to your neighbour.
  2. If they are a tenant, you could contact their landlord. They may be able to take action more easily than you.
  3. You could contact the police or local council, depending on your particular circumstances.
  4. Finally, take legal action against your neighbour.

Generally, legal action should not be commenced until you have tried the other options, but you should not disregard it either.

Neighbour disputes can ruin peace of mind and blight neighbourhoods. If you have a neighbour who is selfish and is causing a nuisance you really should consider taking legal advice. Sometimes this is the only option that really works.

Your solicitor can set out your grievances in a ‘letter of claim’ and this often persuades the difficult neighbour to be more reasonable and settle the matter. If your neighbour still won’t compromise, a solicitor can bring a claim for you and may be able to force your neighbour to be more reasonable.

And, your solicitor could add value to your claim. They might advise you to claim for additional issues, such as reduction in value of your property. Other additional issues could be distress and inconvenience caused by the dispute. This extra value will ensure you are properly compensated.

Still Have Questions?

While this has only been an overview of neighbour disputes, we understand you may still have questions. Or, you may be in a situation that isn’t mentioned here.

At Chris Rudd Solicitors we can offer very affordable solutions such as no win no fee, or no win low fee. Or, if it’s a small claim, low fixed fees can be agreed with you before the claim is started. Plus, in many cases your difficult neighbour will be ordered to pay your legal costs.

So, if there is anything else you would like to ask, feel free to call us for up to 15 minutes free advice on 01925 351 350. Or, send us an email from our contact page.

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